WATCH: AARP’s Charlie The Squirrel Calls For The End Of Healthcare Secrecy

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In a new social media video, AARP is calling on lawmakers to release the details of the new healthcare bill. The bill seems to be shrouded in secrecy since the outrage of the proposed Age Tax and cuts to Medicaid. John McCain even recently snarkily stated that no one has seen the bill except the Russians.

On Monday, AARP unveiled a new Charlie the squirrel video urging lawmakers to end the secrecy around legislation that will affect around 24 million people. This time, the furry social media squirrel is speaking out in protest against the obvious secrecy and demanding that the Senate reveal the legislation since none of us know the details.

Charlie’s lumberjack friend asks,

What about all the bad stuff in it like the age tax, the cuts to Medicaid, dropping support for preexisting conditions, and billions in tax breaks for drug and health insurance companies? Surely that can’t still be in the latest draft, can it?

If I were the lumberjack, I would not hold my breath. This administration is quickly proving that their agenda does not care about the basic needs of its citizens.

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Watch Charlie and his friend urge viewers to contact their Senators regarding the outrageous way the government is handling the new healthcare overhaul.

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