Celebs Inspire Us To Celebrate International Women’s Day – Now Go Hug Your Mother

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March 8 is International Women’s Day. The intent is to celebrate women from all around the world. Main themes include education, pay equality and challenging biases, either known or unrealized.

Some women took today as an opportunity to show the world what one day without a woman is really like. Some took a precious vacation day (paid or not) from work to strike, some decided not to shop or eat out to show solidarity with other female workers who were not able to take the day off.

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Two of today’s trending topics on Twitter are: #adaywithoutwomen and #adaywithoutawoman.  As you can guess, there are an abundance of trolls using the hashtags – trolls who actually illustrate WHY we need an International Women’s Day in the first place.

Today, we will ignore the haters and attention-seekers. We will not bait them. We will focus on the inspiration a few celebrities decided to share with their many followers; which will hopefully reach more people than the average hate-laced Joe tweeting from his sticky bedroom.

Debra Messing showed up to support her fellow women in a Phenomenal Woman t-shirt. She shared a link to purchase your own – proceeds help benefit organizations like Planned Parenthood and The United State of Women.

America Ferrera tweeted this showing that not only does she speak about solidarity, she acts on it.

Actress and author, Amber Tamblyn, has tweeted A LOT today. This one just tickled us and made us cheer.

Like her, or not, Lena Dunham shared some inspiration for the occasion. We expect nothing less from her.

Kerry Washington is sporting her support. She looks great in it, curlers and all!

SVU‘s darling, Mariska Hargitay, showed support to her ‘sisters’. We LOVE that she used #Fierce and #Strong to describe the women celebrating today. Sometimes, we could all use a reminder.

Who doesn’t love Ellen, amiright? Her gratitude does not go unnoticed. It is endearing when a celebrity can give thanks and acknowledgement to those who struggled before them – someone who can lay down the ego for a moment.

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There was one tweet that could not go unmentioned. It’s not exactly inspirational, but can’t be considered hateful, either. It is just a post of a factual statement. It just serves as one more illustration of the necessity of International Women’s Day:

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