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Trump’s Immigration Policy Would Have Prevented Melania From Entering The U.S.

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On March 6, the Baron of Buffoonery signed his second attempt to keep the filthy brown immigrants out of America. Not all of them, mind you. Specifically, he’s starting with the Scary Muslims™. No, not the Saudi ones — their leaders hold a pretty significant percentage of US debt. Not Egyptians, either. Not Lebanese, Pakistani,…

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Pseudo-Christians Lose Their Minds After Islamic Worksheet Given To Students In History Class

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Christian Action Network (CAN) is a religious advocacy group that promotes biblical principles and values. According to its site: CAN accomplishes its education work through direct-mail campaigns aimed at impacting public policy, along with public speaking engagements, documentary films, radio and TV interviews, books, and alliances with other organizations to impact change. Like many of…

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