Bernie’s Pick For The Next Leader Of The Democratic Party Is Exactly Who We Need

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Liberals have been divided. We have been let down by our establishment, but also by our own hubris. Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont that awoke the Millenial giant in the Democratic primary season, hit the ground running after this stumble. He unleashed a tweetstorm, but not one that was about anger or hate, one that called for unity to protect all of those marginalized by the upcoming Trump White House.

Instead of divided loyalty, we have combined enmity. Or, put another way, a common goal, protecting those who can not do it alone. The difference will be in the manner we comport ourselves going forward — it won’t be perfect. People are hurting. This was a protracted, emotional, and intensely connected contest. We have the right to be mad. We just probably shouldn’t break down and live there, ya know?

We lost this fight, in part, because we lost sight of compromise. We also lost sight of the actual climate and what progressives (and even those independents we will need to win in the future) actually wanted. We all wanted change. Some wanted the establishment to give way to progress and we instead ran an establishment candidate. Yeah, that happened. A candidate that would have done well, but didn’t excite the voters enough to win. There are other reasons, but this is one of them; when our leadership — instead of reaching out and uniting us –seemed to become blind to our needs.

That is a pretty unforgivable sin when public servants stop listening to the public. We need new leadership. Leadership that will take the strength of their position and put it into meeting the needs of the people. We need unity and compromise, not name-calling and recriminations against each other. Everything depends on that.

It’s time to chose a “side.” We lost this fight and now we have a choice. We will either fail to learn from this or we will fight together and win. It will take a longer time, we are going to be set back and we are going to need a lot more than hard line Democrats to do it. The good news, we have never been about party over country like the right wing.

Instead of being consumed in a civil war fighting about what our neighbor should have done, we now have the responsibility to protect our planet, our communities, our families and our future. Standing together to protect us all, even those who voted or didn’t vote and gave us this regime –from the coming storm of epic proportions. We need someone to lead this party that way, and Sanders seems to have been connected to all of the people we need to reach — so his suggestion should bear some weight.

He made one:
We can be effective if we have a party the people believe in and Bernie Sanders’ small dollar donors will give to a well-led resistance. If they have a party that they can believe in, we won’t have to rely on big money donors. As he said, and we saw in the primary, if you stand for transparency, the people they will donate.

It’s time to get back to work. Trump is a threat to everyone and everything on this planet and Bernie is showing us the way forward.

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  1. It’s the DEMOCRATIC Party. Jesus, we should be getting it right. Republicans use “Democrat Party” as a slur. Let’s not help them with that.

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