Caitlyn Jenner Forced To Apologize For Being A F*cking Moron…AGAIN

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Good lord, Caitlyn Jenner is a fucking idiot. I find myself saying this at least once a week and as someone who used to be a fan of hers, it’s a little bit disappointing (stop judging, I’ve had a longtime love affair with reality tv). So, let me tell you what this moron did this week. I know you’re super excited to learn. You’re welcome.

You all may recall that after Donald Trump announced his transgender military ban, Caitlyn seemed to have an awakening. After fawning all over the bigoted billionaire, Jenner was all like,”I’ve seen the light, he’s a dick!” Not her actual words but that pretty much sums it up. The country was all like,”YAY! Caitlyn finally gets it!”

Fast forward a week and Jenner was photographed wearing one of Trump’s gross “Make America Great Again” hats as she was driving down the road on her way home from a golf course. Apparently, her Trump disappointment only lasted a week, she’s so great, isn’t she?!

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The backlash was swift and you know what happened next right? Caitlyn is begging for forgiveness. According to TMZ:

Caitlyn tells TMZ she drove from her Malibu home to Sherwood Country Club in Thousand Oaks, CA, in a 1960 Austin-Healey convertible. Before leaving home she realized she needed a hat … something better than a golf visor to protect her hair. So she rummaged through the 10 hats in her closet and grabbed one without looking at the stitching. She says when she got to the club she threw the hat on the floor of the car, spent an hour or so hitting some balls and left. When she got to the car she grabbed the hat, saw the inscription and realized what she had done.

But Caitlyn had a dilemma on her hands … wear the hat home or screw up her ‘do. She chose the former, thinking no one was going to spot her. She wanted to stop at a Starbucks for a latte but exercised caution ,,, a mile from the coffee joint she switched to the golf visor and walked inside. When Caitlyn left, she switched again, deciding to wear the Trump hat home.

OOOOOOKKKKKKKAAAAAYYYYYY. Sure. Caitlyn went on to say,”I apologize to all of the trans community. I made a mistake. I will never do it again and I’m getting rid of the hat.”

Yeah, because the transgender community is stupid enough to buy that bullshit twice…not.

It’s time for Jenner to just own it. She needs to tell everyone in her community that her rich, Republican ass just doesn’t give a fuck about them. Because it is clear, she doesn’t.

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