BUSTED! Man Caught Lying About Being Stabbed By Antifa Faces Jail Time

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Do you remember the man who was stabbed by “antifa” for having a right-wing haircut? Joshua Witt claimed that he stopped off for a milkshake and he was attacked by antifa because his haircut resembled that of the neo-Nazis. According to his account, he defended himself bare-handed against a knife.

Yeah, well, Josh is a fucking liar.

Police became suspicious of Witt’s story after the reviewed surveillance footage from the location showed no evidence of anyone fleeing from the scene as he had described. They even spoke to a transient who resembled the man Witt had described. He was quickly cleared of any wrongdoing.

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When confronted, Witt admitted that he’d actually cut his own hand by accident while his car was parked at a nearby Steak ‘n Shake. They even caught him purchasing the knife that he cut himself with. Police charged Witt with filing a false report to officers, and he now faces a fine as high as $2,650 and up to one year in jail.

Not only did the dumbass lie to police, the U.S. Navy boatswain’s mate who lives in San Diego, posted photos of his injured hand on his personal Facebook page and shared the fake story about being stabbed. So, he lied to all his family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances as well.

Witt hasn’t said why he decided to make up the story about the false attack. We could speculate that he decided to ride the coat tails of the post-Charlottesville news, but why? Maybe he was just feeling a bit neglected. Who the hell knows? We think he must be a Trump supporter.

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