Breitbart Writer Throws Twitter Tantrum Over This Jennifer Lawrence Cover

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I really wanted this to be a joke but it really isn’t. Special little snowflake John Carney of is deeply offended by Vogue having the Statue of Liberty in the background of its Jennifer Lawrence cover.

I kid you not:

He followed this up by explaining that using Lady Liberty on the cover is clearly taking the pro-immigration side. No, seriously, he really did that:

If your brain feels like it’s breaking, you’re not alone. Carney is either trolling (badly) or suffering from delusions of persecution. Fortunately, no one seems to buying what Carney is selling:

But Carney, perhaps sensing that he’d made a mistake (almost no one tweeted in support of his claim), doubled down because admitting you’re wrong is for the weak!

Because in the fetid swamp of the alt-right, being mocked for saying something patently stupid is proof what you said was true.

As of this writing, Carney is still going because why stop digging the hole when you can keep making a damn fool of yourself in public?

It’s telling that the alt-right now views the Statue of Liberty, one of America’s most iconic symbols, as a weapon against them. Then again, when you’re a douchebag white nationalist as Carney is and you despise everything America stands for, I guess it’s not surprising Lady Liberty, a strong woman welcoming immigrants, scares you to death.

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