Breitbart Readers Believe Rape Is The Result Of Feminists Not Carrying Guns

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Breitbart, the alt-right, hateful panderers to the stupid have outdone themselves. They have taken the serious topic of guns on campuses to protect would-be rape victims and have turned it into a mockery of women. To be more precise, their readers turned the topic into a huge feminist bash fest. Because why not take any opportunity to make fun of women, right?

College Campus Rape Survivor: Pepper Spray Won’t Cut It, Women Need Guns is Breitbart’s account of a Florida State University student who was raped on campus and now says if she had a gun it wouldn’t have happened. They use the NRA’s angle of targeting women to help boost falling handgun sales – except Breitbart uses the tale to illustrate that not only are people who believe students and faculty should not be armed are full of shit, so are feminists.

Their readers’ comments start off predictable enough. They brag about their shooting skills and share anecdotes about the virtues of guns. These comments quickly evolve devolve into bashing women who identify as feminists; really all women in general, but feminists in particular.

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Get ready to vomit a little in your mouths because people like these commenters exist.

There are SO many things wrong with this comment, I have NO idea where to begin.

This half wit doesn’t realize that gender equality doesn’t mean physical equality. Why the hell would we still have sports divided into gender divisions if that were the case? And one more thing: vaginas have been expelling babies from wombs for centuries – do not doubt the power of the vagina.

The word “warrior” means many different things to people. Some consider themselves warriors if they have fought battles with illnesses. Also, some 100-pound women are trained to kick your probably-pimply ass. As for being a keyboard warrior – is that irony? Little men also talk big using keyboards – make no doubt about it, man who cannot even use his real name.

Tsk, tsk. This comment is so telling. Do you have a “lady boss,” random dude? Did some woman take the position that you felt was rightfully yours? Sorry about that inferiority complex.

And isn’t this the comment we were all waiting for? Somehow, in some way, women always get to carry the burden of rape prevention ’cause … ’cause … vagina.

The article was intended to start a conversation about how allowing weapons on campuses will prevent female students from becoming rape victims. However, readers managed to distort it into a cautionary tale of women who have the audacity to think they’re as good as men committing the fallacy of not arming themselves to protect their vaginas.

Makes perfect sense.

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