Bill O’Reilly’s Legal Team Just Made Him Look Like A Complete Moron

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In maybe the funniest turn of events so far in the continuing (well, ending) saga of Bill “The Bloviator” O’Reilly, Politico has obtained a chain of emails apparently sent by mistake by the master pinhead’s legal team. The emails show O’Reilly and his lawyers cooking up a last-ditch effort to save his pathetic show by whining to his higher-ups with proof of how the mean old liberals had it out for him from the beginning:

If we show to Fox tomorrow, word will get out and the Thursday call may be cancelled.

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What was he planning to show them? An email from Mary Pat Bonner, a partner of Media Matters, a liberal non-profit think tank dedicated to fighting back against the right-wing media. The email detailed plans for conference calls with the president of Media Matters, scheduled for the end of this week. Bonner had planned to discuss the progress of the campaign liberals were waging against O’Reilly, including the hashtag “#StopOReilly” which was used on Twitter and Facebook to gain support:

The “Smoking Gun”

Seems foolproof, right? Just show the boss that the whole thing was unfairly orchestrated against him, and they’d let him keep milking his cash cow. The problem is, everyone already knew about the campaign to get advertisers to drop O’Reilly’s show. Heck, two weeks ago, I hadn’t even seen the hashtag, but I was still participating:

My comment on the video for “Wonder Hanger Max,” a thing you’d buy if you were super stoned at 3 in the morning. Not actually a great product.

O’Reilly ended up losing more than half his advertisers in only a week.

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At the end of the email exchange between O’Reilly and his lawyers, the notorious hothead blew up one last time:

You all should know that I will not put up with much more from FNC.

Looks like the head honchos felt the same way, Bill.

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