Bigoted Judge Says He Is Only A Bigot Because. . . Liberals. Duh!

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Judge Vance Day is a circuit court judge in Oregon and he is currently fighting to keep his job. The state Commission on Judicial Fitness and Disability is reviewing 13 different ethics accusations. In November, Day was also arraigned on felony charges that he provided a gun to a felon on two separate occasions and was ordered to work from home. He is the first circuit court judge in Oregon to be indicted on felony charges.

One of the commission’s findings was that Day included a portrait of Adolf Hitler in a “Hall of Heroes” artwork display he put in the Marion County Courthouse. The then-presiding Judge Jamese Rhoades told him to take it down. He replied, “You don’t want to go there because some very influential people in this town want it up.”

Hitler. Hall of Heroes. Really? Hitler?

Another finding states that Day instructed his staff members to tell people that they would have to check the judge’s schedule before he could perform a wedding. If staff found that couples were gay, the staff members were to tell them that the judge was unavailable on the requested day and to call another judge. Didn’t a clerk in Kentucky try that? Thought so.

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Besides being a circuit judge, Vance Day is also an evangelical. He, personally, doesn’t believe in same-sex marriage because of his religion.

Because I stood quietly for natural marriage at a point where the state was quickly turning toward gay marriage, I was targeted. I simply as a person of faith chose to recuse myself from a non-judicial act and stay in conformity with my principles. They can get married by somebody else; just please don’t ask me to do it.

Hmmm. I don’t think that telling your staff to screen marrying couples is standing quietly. That is actively avoiding a non-judicial duty that should not be influenced by personal religion. I am also fairly certain that just by using the term “natural marriage” is bigoted in and of itself.

Judge Day swears he is anything but a bigot. His conclusion is that he’s a victim because he’s a Christian conservative in a “deep blue state.” He contends that it’s part of the liberal agenda to persecute him.

To that, I counter his argument with one word: Hitler.

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