Big Oil Trump Aide Is Ranting About The Clintons And Just Might Be Going To Prison

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When reality show star Donald Trump cited Carter Page to New York Times reporters who asked about his foreign policy advisers, the Russian energy investor was a complete unknown to the political and business press. He wasn’t even well-known among people who know a lot about Russian energy markets. But his name kept coming up in disturbing reports about Russian influences in the Trump campaign and transition.

So naturally, Carter Page blames the Clintons for a vast left-wing conspiracy to assassinate his character with “lies that were completely fabricated.” In what has to be among the strangest letters ever received by the Civil Rights Division of the Department of Justice, Page claims that the Clinton campaign published false stories about him and engineered the department’s investigation of his activities.

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Of course, retiring Sen. Harry Reid sent FBI Director James Comey a letter during the campaign requesting that Page be included in an investigation of the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. This is inconvenient to Page’s narrative, so he accuses the senator of “retribution for presenting new ideas in an academic forum” — a reference to a speech Page gave to the New Economic School in Russia last summer.

In a copy of the letter obtained by The Intercept, Page blames the Clinton campaign for the publication of a Yahoo News article linking him to a key aide of Vladimir Putin and the executive chairman of Russian oil monopoly Rosneft. Bizarrely, the text of the article refers to a “well-placed Western intelligence source” in reference to his name, but Page is convinced otherwise.

On countless occasions over the prior months, many other journalists from some of the leading news agencies in the U.S. had contacted me to ask about precisely these same two meeting allegations. A few of those whom I pressed to provide some basis or source for these outrageous lies disclosed that it was the “Hillary for America” campaign that originally suggested the fictional storyline the them, thus giving me advance warning of their illegal activities.

Not content to hold back on his hyperbole, Page accuses the Clintons of “human rights violations,” “illegal activities,” “unlawful deceptions,” and everyone’s favorite, “obstruction of Justice” for urging reporters to investigate what professional spies have said about his friends in Moscow.

“(T)he actions by the Clinton regime and their associates may be among the most extreme examples of human rights violations observed during any election in U.S. history since Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was similarly targeted for his anti-war views in the 1960’s,” Page says.

In a series of bullet points, Page absurdly suggests that he is being targeted because he is a U.S. Navy veteran. Also because he is male, because everyone knows that Hillary Clinton hates everyone with a penis, and also Russians. Page says that her “extreme bigotry and xenophobia” towards Moscow have led her to oppose his “pro-engagement perspectives.”

Page is opposed to sanctions against Russia. He thinks world peace would break out if America just stopped caring about human rights and democracy and rule of law so he can broker vast sales of Russian fossil fuels to the west. This is why Clinton hates him, see?

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As his “smoking gun,” Page offers the “dodgy dossier” compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele. While those reports contain salacious details that appear to be Kremlin disinformation efforts, the overall document turns out to be pretty accurate about Kremlin conversations, after all.

According to an October update in Steele’s dossier, Page secured the brokerage rights to a 19 percent stake in Rosneft in exchange for his efforts to lift economic sanctions, a key Trump foreign policy goal. Rosneft eventually did sell off a 19.5 percent stake in December, though the identities of the new stakeholders remain clouded and basic questions about the exchange remain unanswered.

In his conclusion, Page notes that he “will be in Europe and Asia for business meetings until March 1.” Given the pace at which the evidence of the Trump camp’s apparent collusion with Russian intelligence services is piling up right now, it’s not impossible that Page might return to find FBI agents waiting for him at the gate with questions about his “constructive personal working relationships” in Moscow.

For instance, does Mr. Page ever communicate with members of Russian intelligence services (RIS) or Russian organized crime (ROC) syndicates? Because that’s where the money is in Russia. And this story is all about money, not engagement with Russia.

Maybe Carter Page is being hysterical because he’s paranoid. But he could also be writing strange, overwrought letters because he’s actually taken part in a historic criminal conspiracy, justifiably fears being caught, and wants to climb on a cross.

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