Mick Mulvaney Just Learned He Can’t F*ck With Bernie Sanders (VIDEO)

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Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and White House budget chief Mick Mulvaney had differing opinions on Thursday regarding the proposed budget for 2018. Apparently, there were raised voices and a lot of interruptions on each man’s part. Bernie, ever the champion for average Joe, is not having the bull shit.

In true Bernie-fashion, he began by trashing the repeal of the Estate Tax – which will only benefit the extremely rich by saving them around $52 billion in taxes. After Sanders pointed out cuts in Medicaid, Mulvaney tried to correct him in saying that the tax cuts were part of the repeal of Obamacare. Sanders was NOT listening to this line of complete insanity. People in danger of losing healthcare due to these cuts see it for what it actually is:

Mulvaney attempted to reply that tax breaks were part of ObamaCare repeal, but Sanders interrupted again, coming back to the question of the $52 billion.

“Ordinary people are paying more,”Mulvaney said.

“No, ordinary people don’t have $128 billion,” Sanders interrupted. “You’re not answering the question. Answer the question!”

“We don’t cut Medicaid. We’re talking about ObamaCare repeal,” Mulvaney said.

“Which throws 23 million people off health insurance,” Sanders retorted.

Sanders’ time ran out and all that was really agreed upon was that millions of Americans will be out of healthcare and will eventually die. Because that’s how the right works: focus on the rich and to hell with those of us who will be hurt in the long-run. Bernie has never hidden his feelings about rich assholes doing what’s best for other rich assholes.

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