Bernie Sanders Just Berned Trump To A Crisp On Twitter

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Like an bitter and aging star college quarterback that ended up selling cheap used cars, Trump started off Saturday morning with yet another masturbatory tweet reliving his glory days:

Zzzzzzzzz….yes, everyone knows you won the election, Donald. 5 months ago.

Fortuntely, Bernie Sanders happened to have noticed Trump’s bragging and decided to knock him down a peg or two. Or thirty:

Oohhhhhhhhh snap! That right there, is the definition of a Solid Bern. It’s been a month since his disastrously tiny inauguration and Trump is still fuming over it.

And Sanders wasn’t the only one to have fun poking at Trumplethinskin:

Aside from Bernie’s elbow drop from orbit, this has to be my favorite response:

Exactly. We’ve seen Trump’s America before and it was disgusting.

Fortunately, Trump’s obvious mental instability, while putting the country in great danger, is also hampering his ability to advance his agenda with any real speed. And even better, his sloppiness in colluding with Russia is causing his administration to unravel at lightning speed, with his clumsy attempts at a cover up just adding fuel to the already raging fire.

Keep tweeting Lil’ Donnie! You’re really making America great again! Honest!


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