‘Bernie Or Bust’ Is The Moral Equivalent Of The Religious Right’s Armageddon Fetish

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On Monday, Susan Sarandon helpfully gave a voice and face to the “Bernie or Bust” movement that thinks a President Trump would be GOOD for America in the long run. The BoB people are not the majority of Bernie voters but they’re not that small of a minority, either and Sarandon just proved it. This will come as a shock to the rest of Bernie’s followers who are already hard at work yelling at me for attacking ALL Bernie followers without having bothered to read past the headline, but it’s what I’ve been saying for months: There is a sizable contingent of Bernie’s followers who say, repeatedly, that if they don’t get what they want, they would rather burn the country to the ground.

I’ve been calling them the Tea Party of the left but that’s not entirely accurate. They have more in common with people who desperately want the Rapture to occur. The “Bernie or Bust” Movement is the moral and intellectual equivalent of right-wing End Timers.

You know who I’m talking about. You see them on the news all the time: Republicans and right-wing preachers that bang their fist on the table and announce that the world is coming to an end. The wicked will be punished, the virtuous will be saved. Blablabla.

That’s not really much to pay attention to. What IS worth noticing is the hunger for it. The eagerness among these people for the Rapture to occur should terrify a normal person.

If I told you that I was looking forward to watching you suffer and die even though I don’t know you, you would think I was some kind of monster. But that’s what End Timers say. Except they look forward to the suffering and death of MILLIONS of people while they, personally, are ushered into a paradise.

And that’s an important piece of that eagerness: The 100 percent belief that they’ll be perfectly fine and, oh well, tough luck for the unfaithful. It’s what has led to repeated government shutdowns and almost making the United States default on its loan payments for the first time in history. It’s partly what’s behind the resistance to dealing with Climate Change and dismantling our nuclear weapon stockpile because who are we to make the world safer? If God wants to destroy man through global warming or nuclear winter, how dare we try to thwart his plans?

To them, the violent end of civilization is a GOOD thing. What kind of person thinks like that and can still consider themselves to be morally superior?

Enter the “Bernie or Bust” movement. There is a growing belief among far too many of Bernie’s most faithful that if Sanders does not win the Democratic nomination, electing Trump will bring about the revolution they’re being denied. This is the reason I’m eternally grateful to Susan Sarandon for being a vapid twit. Up until now, any time I brought this subject up, the chorus of “You’re exaggerating!” was deafening. While BoB people would vigorously defend their nihilistic position, regular Bernie supporters, in the same conversation, would insist that it was only a tiny little itty bit of Bernie supporters and why was I being so divisive?

It was obvious that they were uncomfortable discussing this out of control element of Bernie’s supporters and lashing out at anyone who brought it up was easier than confronting the zealots in their midst.

But that’s all over now. Sarandon very clearly stated the feeling of the “Bernie or Bust” fanatics:

SARANDON: Some people feel Donald Trump will bring the revolution immediately if he gets in then things will really, you know, explode.

She’s not talking about a sudden burst of people running out to vote in liberal politicians. She’s talking about a collapse of the government which will, naturally, be replaced with a Socialist Utopia (because human history is just rife with examples of that happening, right?). She’s very clearly saying that President Trump would make things SO BAD that the people would have no choice but to overthrow the current order. This is what the BoB people are demanding if they don’t win.

To be clear, the BoBers consider the current system to be hopelessly corrupt and not worth reforming. They do not want to FIX the system, they want to tear it down and replace it immediately. Anything else, including putting in the time and effort to get to the same goals using the system they hate, is “compromising” your ideals and you are no longer a “real” liberal.

But such a collapse would destroy minority communities, the poor, the sick and other marginalized peoples. Do you know who it wouldn’t destroy? Rich old white liberals and relatively affluent younger white liberals who have the luxury of not worrying about where their next meal comes from or how they’re going to pay for a child’s medicine without government assistance. You know, the overwhelming bulk of the “Bernie or Bust” movement.

Just like the right-wing Rapturists, the BoB movement is perfectly fine with letting millions of other people suffer until they get their Utopia. None of them consider the possibility that THEY’LL be the ones left in the gutter, homeless and starving. After all, they’ve put up with the very worst life can throw at them and they’re ready to fight! They’ve been forced to live at home with high student debt and few job prospects. They’re hardcore now and can survive the mean streets of Vermont and Idaho!

This is why so few minorities have jumped on the BoB bandwagon. It takes a special kind of arrogance to think you’ll be one of the deserving survivors of massive social and economic upheaval. It takes an even greater kind of arrogance to blithely dismiss the suffering of others as not only necessary but desirable so you can get what you “deserve.” Minorities already know what happens when things get bad and they’ll pass, thank you very much.

Here’s a simple test:

“Sure, when the government collapses, there’ll be chaos and violence and suffering, but after it’s over, things will be SO MUCH better! Why would you want to preserve the old corrupt ways when the future will be so incredible?! What’s wrong with you?!”

Can you tell if an End Timer or a BoB person said that? If you say you can, you’re lying.

The only significant difference between the two groups is that one believes they’ll live in a paradise in heaven and the other a paradise on Earth. Neither group gives much heed to the people who will be trampled in their mad dash to eternal bliss. But it’s not going to be them, so it’s not really all that important. To be fair, Rapturists look forward to other people suffering while BoBers simply don’t care.

The lack of empathy makes it even more galling when BoBers claim to be “voting their conscience” (a favorite, if utterly vacuous, justification) and tout their moral superiority over the corrupt and evil supporters of the “status quo.” If you’re willing to throw people to the wolves because you want what you want and you want it RIGHT NOW, don’t kid yourself, you are not moral in any way, shape or form. You’re just as vain and self-centered as the worst of the End Timers and it’s high time your fellow Bernie supporters treated you like the cancer you are. You are not supporting Bernie’s vision at all. Bernie’s slogan is “Not ME, US” but the “US” is ALL of us, including the people that you’re so callously ready to sacrifice for YOUR greater good.

If you made it this far and you’re blinded with anger at me, here’s Thom Hartmann, one of Bernie’s strongest supporters, saying that even HE would vote for Clinton because of the “horrors of the other side” so, really, fuck you.

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