Bernie Grabs His Torch And Pitchfork To Join The Fight Against That Monster Steve Bannon

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Democratic Socialist firebrand Bernie Sanders hasn’t been shying away from the spotlight since the election. After Hillary Clinton conceded to Donald Trump, many were quick to look to Senator Sanders, still in place in government, as a de facto leader for liberals still reeling from watching the unthinkable unfold. Whether one supported Sanders in the primary or not, it’s hard to question his credentials as a champion of human rights.

Many people may not have known much about Bernie, but he and his followers gave America a crash course in what politics looks like further to the left of the traditional Democratic party. After the electoral victory of Donald Trump, the fiery rhetoric Sanders used in the primary started to sound more and more like the common sense he had been preaching it as.

Each new outrage from the Trump administration brings protest from all sides, and when it comes to criticizing Hair Fuhrer’s staff selection, Senator Sanders hasn’t been silenced. With a pair of early morning tweets today, Sanders questioned the wisdom of placing Trump’s right hand man, Steve Bannon, on the National Security Council:

Bannon, prior to joining the Trump regime, was the executive chair of Breitbart News, a racist right-wing extremist outlet for angry white men and conspiracy theorists, made famous by the thoroughly-debunked ACORN “scandal” back in 2009. Bannon’s qualifications to be on the NSC apparently consist of the fact that Trump likes him, and that he was in the Navy for a minute. Of course, to make room for Bannon on the NSC, the memorandum Trump signed had to demote a few folks, and in true Trump style, he picked the worst possible people to demote: The actual CHAIRMAN of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the actual DIRECTOR of national intelligence. These folks now rank below the political equivalent of a yipping heel-biter when it comes to America’s national security.

Senator Sanders never looks more natural than when he is questioning the sanity of the Republican party, and with Bannon on point both in Trump’s ear and on the National Security Council, it doesn’t look like he’ll be getting any rest from that soon.

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