Beauty And The Beast’s Massive Success Has The Homophobes Up In Arms

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Breitbart is obsessed with Beauty and the Beast. Well, maybe not obsessed, but they really don’t like it. At the beginning of the month, they told their readers about the gay characters in the movie. They also shared a couple quotes from the director – taken totally out of context – to make it appear as though this is Disney’s most carnal movie yet.

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They didn’t really come out and say, “Hey, boycott this shit.” They just put the info out there and let the readers do the work. Lead a horse to water, and all that.

The debut is now here, and they are pissed that the movie earned $170 Million on its opening weekend. We all get a little irrational when we’re angry, but these morons began irrational. We’ve all heard that actions speak louder than words, but in this case their words say it all.

By all means, save the children. Have you ever watched a cartoon as an adult that you remember as a child? There are tons of innuendos that you didn’t quite catch back then. Our souls weren’t destroyed, if souls are a thing.

I love when people mix up the words then and than – totally changes the meaning, doesn’t it? How is depicting a kiss, something people in love do every day, hateful? I truly don’t grasp this logic.

I give points for the attempt at sarcasm. I subtract major points for not dropping the ‘y’ and adding the ‘ie’ in trannies. I subtract the rest of their points for their racist, hateful stupidity.

What reviews did this pervert read?

Ummm. They do know that the entire plot is about a girl falling in love with a beast, right?

Woah! Cinderella is feminist propaganda? I always saw it as an illustration of why we need feminism. Cinderella needed a man to save her from her home life – that is, like, every Hallmark movie ever. Econazis? I didn’t even know there were econazis. I also admit to knowing nothing about Zootopia, but I love The Jungle Book. How can anyone deny the impact humans have had on animals’ habitats?

For a brief second, I saw hope. ‘Not A Liberal’ had potential. Then their talk turned to mental illness and transgenders. Isn’t that what people used to say about the gays? Hell, Pence still thinks all they need is a little conversion therapy to set them straight.

And WHY do they think that seeing a smooch between two men in a movie is pushing sexual orientation down kids’ throats, but seeing a man and woman kiss isn’t? Is it not the same? The proud homophobe may be a complete asshole, but at least they’re honest.

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