At This Point In Obama’s Presidency, Fox News Was Attacking Him For Eating Mustard

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Trump has whined in recent months that NO president in the history of presidents has been treated more unfairly. Uhhhh. Did he totally forget about the last eight years Barack was in office? Obama was attacked for everything, and I do mean everything. He has even been attacked for his preference of condiments.

At this point of Obama’s presidency, Fox News was appalled that Obama asked for Dijon mustard on his damn hamburger. For real. In May of 2009, Barack and Joe went out to get a bite to eat. Both of them ordered hamburgers, but Obama asked for Dijon mustard on his burger. Scandalous!

Sean Hannity ran the “story” on his show that evening featuring a photoshopped picture of Obama with bottles of mustard and a banner reading “President Poupon”.  Apparently, Dijon is very pretentious. Hannity made fun of him saying that he had seen too many Grey Poupon commercials as a child. Hey Hannity, here’s a scoop: I like mustard on my eggs. It is fucking delicious.

Now, at the same point in time of his presidency that Obama was getting reamed for how he takes his burger, Trump is under investigation for collusion with Russia. And Faux News is supporting Trump to the fullest. Do you not see the propaganda these assholes enjoy spreading?

Fox News has spent the last five months strongly supporting Trump’s conservative agenda, defending the president against ongoing controversies enveloping his White House and accusations of collusion with the Russian Kremlin.

Dijongate was WAY more controversial than Russiagate, though. And I just rolled my eyes so hard they switched sockets. However, this is for real. This is what goes on at Fox News and their blind followers eat it up, but hold the mustard.

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Watch Sean “Douchebag” Hannity poke fun at Obama’s audacity to ask for a spicy mustard:

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