Asshole Right Wingers Blame Obama For Murdered Cops, Fall Silent When Killer Turns Out To Be One Of Their Own

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Over night, two Iowa officers were shot to death by a coward. They were murdered while sitting in their cars. The Iowa Police have detained a suspect for these heinous murders. He is white, conservative, and a confederate flag waving anti-cop zealot.

Scott Michael Greene, 46, was taken into custody alive.

Greene isn’t just any white guy, he is, judging by his youtube channel, an extremist anti-cop zealot, white supremacist, conservative. He appears to have enjoyed bringing that confederate battle flag with him to intimidate youth of color at High School football games.

In the video below, he is escorted out by two police officers whom he accuses of assaulting him, because that flag was causing a disturbance.

Meet the real Scott Michael Greene:


According to the Washington Post:

Police said they had heard about YouTube videos possibly posted by Greene, but a spokesman said at a briefing Wednesday that he had not seen them yet. Officials with the Urbandale and Des Moines police did not immediately respond to requests for comments about whether the videos were posted by the suspect they are seeking.

The killings prompted schools in the area to close and launched law enforcement officers from multiple agencies into a sweeping search for Greene, whom detectives identified as a suspect within hours of the shooting.

Disturbing, but even before a suspect had been named, the right was blaming Obama, and race for these killings.

Now, they are strangely silent. Another white guy with a gun may have gunned down those two officers, but they aren’t condemning him. However, they were totally willing to blame the President, and a race war, for the killings before any evidence was even available.

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