Arpaio Aide Claims He Was Incompetent And Lazy, Not Criminal

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Joe Arpaio, former Arizona sheriff, went on trial this week for traffic stops that targeted immigrants. We have all heard of this guy. He ran his famous Tent City for prisoners in the melt-your-face Arizona heat, fed inmates green meat and is just a general immigrant-hating, little man. It’s all rather ironic considering his parents were immigrants from Italy. I digress.

In 2007, he was sued by the ACLU for the racial profiling of Latinos. In 2011, he was ordered by a judge to stop detaining prisoners based on suspicions alone that they did not have proper documentation to be in the U.S. Of course, the hate-filled fucker didn’t stop and that has led him to court this week. He just pretended that the order didn’t exist and carried on with his anti-immigrant tactics – because there is no reasoning with men like him. He thought he was above the law because he was the law.

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Arpaio’s PR advisor, Lisa Allen, has put a really lame spin on the reason why ole Joe didn’t obey the judge’s order.

I don’t think he knew (about the order). I don’t think anybody knew. What I say, and it’s not particularly flattering, we didn’t ignore the thing, we didn’t do any of that. If we were guilty of anything, it was maybe that we were a little lazy and a little incompetent.

Stop the bullshit, Lisa. It was front-page news in the local paper, The Arizona Republic. It was news EVERYWHERE. We all knew about the little bigot in Arizona. We are supposed to believe that an elected official and his aides, especially those who get paid to watch out for his image, don’t read the news. I would laugh if this excuse weren’t so incredibly stupid. We are supposed to believe that a man who, for decades, refused to enforce policies he personally viewed as unconstitutional didn’t do exactly whatever the hell he wanted.

Trump’s lawyers might get away with claiming Trump is ignorant because he isn’t really a politician. However, no one believes that and no one believes that Arpaio, a huge Trump supporter, was unaware of a federal judge’s order against his antics. Arpaio faces six months of jail time if convicted, but there is already speculation he won’t serve jail time because of his advanced age of 85. I don’t care if he’s 102, he’s a criminal. He knows it, his people know it and all the people he detained illegally are painfully aware.

This is not incompetence, it’s blatant disregard of the law.

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