Anti-LGBT Activists Pushing Congress To Legalize Discrimination

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Once again we have ignorant bigots demanding laws to protect them as they persecute others and deny them services, all under the ludicrous excuse of religious “freedom.” Congress sure can’t find the time to confirm/deny nominees to the Supreme Court at the moment, but they can certainly find time for bullshit like this. It’s aggravating, and they always seem to get away with it by using distractions. The National Organization for Marriage is putting on the heat for this.

The New Civil Rights Movement reported:

The faith-based anti-LGBT organization is campaigning for congressional lawmakers to hold hearings on and pass the First Amendment Defense Act. FADA would protect any person, group, organization, company, or corporation that claims to have a sincerely held religious belief about LGBT people, same-sex couples, and marriage, from obeying laws designed to provide protection in those areas to LGBT people and other minorities.

To be completely honest with you, NOM and other groups like it hypocritically complain about any perceived discrimination/persecution against themselves, meaning white Christians, but they want laws to allow them to discriminate with impunity. The laughable email post they sent out is full of whining about Christians being discriminated against as well as “victims” like:

Just get a load of this excerpt from their mass email campaign:

As bad as these things already are, they could get a whole lot worse as the federal government can exercise phenomenal power to attempt to force marriage supporters to abandon their viewpoints or risk punitive measures. Nonprofit groups like NOM or charities representing religious groups could be stripped of their tax exemption. Religious schools could be denied accreditation. Charitable and social welfare groups could be put out of business unless they change their polices and positions. The potential ways that the Obama Administration or Hillary Clinton could punish supporters of marriage are virtually limitless.

That’s why it is imperative that Congress get off its duff and pass the First Amendment Defense Act. Let the Republican leadership and members of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee know that you are tired of waiting and that it is time for them to act.

With all the complaining Republicans do about how minorities and LGBT want “special” rights, it’s hilarious that they keep trying to pass these dumb ass laws.

If one’s religion requires them to be an asshole to others based on twisted interpretations of scriptures, then they either need to find a new religion or get their hateful asses over it. You cannot demand special protections because of whatever religion you follow, and then demand that there be no protections for the people you despise.

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