Another Racist Tries To Murder Protesters With His Car

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Yesterday in Vancouver, Washington some far-right protesters held a Patriot Prayer Rally. Counter-protestors showed up and marched down Columbia Avenue into the downtown area. Things got ugly as they were probably predestined to – it’s hard for protests to remain peaceful when the protest is specifically orchestrated to spew hate.

The Vancouver Patriot Prayer event had originally been scheduled to be held in Portland but organizer Joey Gibson changed his mind and moved it across the Columbia River. [The] gathering attracted about 80 Gibson supporters and a crowd of counter-protesters, some of whom drove over after an earlier gathering in Portland at which police arrested seven people.

As the counter-protesters were marching, an SUV was slowly driving down the street behind them. They cleared the roadway for the vehicle to pass and as counter-protestors filled the street behind, they noticed the American flags flying from its rear windows and the Confederate flag decal on the back glass.

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Of course, someone thought it would be a great idea to lob objects at the vehicle and the driver decided to aggressively throw his vehicle into reverse in retaliation. Running over groups of counter-protesters has become some right-wingers’ wet dream. It’s sick. The objects thrown at the vehicle was just the right amount of encouragement the driver needed.

Some will argue that he was trying to escape because he felt threatened and if all he did was go in reverse, backing away from the people pelting his car, they might have a point. But that’s not all he did.

The driver stopped at the next intersection and started revving up his engine. The protesters yelled for everyone to clear the street and changed their path to escape the truck. However, the truck re-appeared, cutting the marchers off at their new route, making his intent to do more than escape clear. that’s when a police vehicle pulled up behind the truck, sirens blaring. The man was arrested at the scene. Thankfully, none of the counter-protesters were injured.

It seems as though white nationalists have a taste for this specific kind of terrorism now. They are very vocal in their denouncement of terrorism, but not when it develops in their own ranks. As long as it’s “Christian” terrorism, it’s alright. Right?

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