Another 4-Year-Old Is Dead After ‘Responsible’ Gun Owners Leave Loaded Weapon Out

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How about those responsible gun owners? They are so fucking responsible that we hear terrible news stories about children killing or maiming themselves or others almost every day in this country. People take it in stride, it’s so normal. Today’s martyr to the Second Amendment is little Ashton Gooding from Tampa, Florida. His irresponsible parents left a loaded gun lying around their home and the four-year-old was pronounced dead at Tampa General Hospital Sunday afternoon.

Why haven’t people learned that leaving unattended, loaded guns around children is not the greatest idea? I have honestly heard a couple responsible gun owners say, “My kid knows better than to pick up a loaded gun.” Really? Do people honestly think that all children aren’t inherently curious? Where are these children and why are they so complacent?

The State Attorney’s Office is currently reviewing the facts of the case and in coordination with the Tampa Police Department. The two agencies will determine if charges will be brought. Doesn’t anyone else find it odd that there aren’t laws on the books in EVERY state that find gun owners at fault if a child dies of a gunshot wound? Wouldn’t that, at the very least, fall under the category of “neglect”? It’s too bad stupid isn’t against the law – there would be less dead kids.

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