The Anne Frank Center Lists The Ways Trump Is Following Hitlers’ Footsteps And It’s Terrifying

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Not typically a political organization, The Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect has been quite active in the fight against Donald Trump and his hateful immigration policies. In light of recent criticism on their undisguised aversion to Trump and his team of thugs, the AFC had this to say:


Last week, the Anne Frank Center twitter shamed Stephen Miller after he called Emma Lazarus’ famous Statue of Liberty poem “meaningless”, calling Miller a “Statue of Arrogance” and requesting that he leave the country.


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Today, they posted again, this time to compare the Trump regime to the Nazi party and point out some of the things that Trump and his thugs are doing in present day America that are horrifyingly similar to the policies of Hitler and Nazi Germany.


The first clue that your administration is on the wrong side of history? The Anne Frank Center sends out daily tweets calling your policies racist and full of hate, and posts warnings to the American public comparing you to Hitler. Why are people still supporting this man? Did we learn nothing from the senseless murder of 6 million innocent men, women and children?

Thank you, AFC for continuing to do your part to bring awareness to these issues and ensure that #NeverAgain continues to be a reality. It will take all of us working together to continue to guard against the proliferation of hatred and racism by Trump and his administration.

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