Ann Coulter Pays Tribute To MLK By Being A Pimple On The A$$ Of Humanity (TWEET)

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While decent Americans woke up this morning and paid tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the sacrifice he made for civil rights in this country, Ann Coulter had a different idea. The right-wing’s most terrible human being decided to prove that she was an absolute piece of trash by retweeting one of the most racist things we have seen in at least 12 hours from the alt-right:

Yup, that’s how she decided to honor MLK, by being a perfect representation of everything he fought against. She decided to prove to the world that more than five decades after he gave his “I Have A Dream” speech, conservative America is just as f*cking disgusting as they were back then. Just like her 1960s counterparts, Coulter spreads lies about a minority community in order to fan the flames of hate against them. She is the embodiment of everything that is wrong with our country and she is proud of that label. If MLK were alive today he’d be horrified by Coultergeist and she would call him a race baiting criminal. That is what makes her next tweet so ironic:

Just a few short hours after she pissed all over the inclusive legacy of Dr. King, she invoked his name to give Trump some credibility. Because you know how it totally matters if one of Dr. King’s family members voted for Trump. Clearly that means he would have done the same thing.


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