Ann Coulter Has A Really Creepy Obsession With Rape

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Ann Coulter is a vile person. She purposely pisses hatred all over her social media because she is a miserable, soul-sucking human being. If you take a close look at her Twitter feed, she discusses rape incessantly. It’s to the point that I am curious about the origins of her obsession – it really isn’t a normal topic to obsess over.

She finally got dinged for her hateful, rapey tweets. Finally.

Her most recent tweet (about rape) got the attention of the Twitter gods. As you will see, the rape reference is intertwined with her well-worn racism and xenophobia:

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She was sent an email from Twitter informing her that the tweet had been flagged as violating Twitter’s hateful conduct policy. While Twitter did not remove her incredibly offensive tweet, she was informed of the reports that the tweet was targeting a specific group of people – in this case, immigrants. Actually, almost every case of her rape rants centers around illegal immigrants. Some people just love perpetuating stereotypes and their unique brand of hatred.

This tweet was specifically referring to her article (about rape) on her website entitled “TO SAY, ‘STOP RAPING ME!’ IN ENGLISH, PRESS ‘1’ NOW.” I apologize for the caps, but she titled it in that manner because trolls like drawing attention to themselves. It’s just part of her overall charm. The article basically slut-shames a college student. Coulter does so by contrasting two rape cases – one about a girl who slept with two immigrant boys willingly, the other about a sexually active college student who waited seven months to report a rape. An excerpt reads:

This milquetoast, boring American girl got to experience diversity, up close — vaginally, anally and orally — AND THE WHITE HOUSE PRESS SECRETARY CALLS THAT A ‘TRAGEDY’? … In multicultural America, sexually active college coeds are treated like naive 14-year-old girls, while naive 14-year-old girls are treated like hardened hussies.

We get it, Ann. You are overwhelmingly consumed by the thought of illegal immigrants crossing our borders and raping all our women and girls. It keeps you up at night worrying how many brown men are creeping through your house trying to find your bedroom. What you need is therapy, not a Twitter account.

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