Angry Republican Snowflakes Lash Out At Women On Equal Pay Day

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Today is Equal Pay Day. This is a symbolic day to draw attention to the wage gap in America’s work force. Statistics show that female full-time workers make 80 cents for every dollar that males earn in the same occupation. According to the National Committee on Pay Equity:

[Equal Pay Day] represents how far into the year women must work in order to earn what men earned the year before. It usually falls on a Tuesday, to show how far into the next work week women must work to match the pay earned by men.

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#EqualPayDay is currently trending on Twitter.  A lot of users are posting facts about wage inequality. Of course, Bernie Sanders tweeted about it as well. It’s Bernie – he’s all about equality especially when income is an issue. This is just one of the tweets he shared today. It’s a chart showing that minority women are the ones most affected by the wage gap:

Many Twitter users are clearly following their president’s lead and replying with alternative facts. They have ignored all data surrounding the issue and have gone with what they want to believe. According to these self-proclaimed analysts, all those numbers are phooey.

While I’m sure some women work less time than men because they have children, this is not true of all women – not by a long shot, buddy.

Oh, you’re right, a**hole. ALL men work harder and are better educated than ALL women. Sit down and shut up.

I thought statistics were objective. Silly me.

I wonder if he would think the same if he were a woman?

You get the idea. All these people want to ignore the statistics and call those who want to close the gap deluded. I would like to point out that every single one of these naysayers are white males. I would find this completely hysterical if it weren’t so damn sad. It just illustrates that women still have a way to go before they are on an equal playing field with men.

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