Angry Manchild Trump Whines ‘Many People Booed’ When NFL Players Took A Knee During National Anthem

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Trump uses Twitter to communicate with the masses. Often times, it’s used to communicate lies to the masses, and other times, it’s to stoke his own ego in front of the masses. Many times, it’s both, as we saw on Monday morning when he claimed “many people booed” the NFL players who took a knee during the National Anthem.

As a bit of context, this whole affair started on Twitter. Trump found himself embroiled in a Twitter war with a number of NFL and NBA athletes, none of whom seemed to like him. This war reached its culmination on Sunday when numerous athletes took a knee during the National Anthem to protest police brutality against African Americans.

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Trump, like most Republicans, demands brainless patriotism at all times, and so this little display may have pissed him off — thus explaining why he was back to the Twitter feed Monday morning, congratulating the people who do mindlessly follow while condemning those who dare think for themselves.

NASCAR driver Harrison Rhodes (you can almost taste the Whiteness in that name) tweeted about the collective kneel yesterday. This, presumably, is what Trump is talking about.

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Trump also took time out to note that “many people booed” the “small percentage of players” who kneeled, too:

Finally, he claimed it had nothing to do with race, and it was about respect for a country that merrily encourages police violence against Blacks and African Americans:

One can’t help but imagine Trump feels a bit sore about all this. But then, there’s a funny thing about “respect” when Republicans use it, as numerous Twitter users were quick to point out:

“Respect for me, not for thee” is the mantra of authoritarians everywhere — and Trump, unsurprisingly, is no different.

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