America Screams No As Ivana Trump Suggests That Ivanka May Run For President Soon

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Like a bad joke that seems to go on and on, Ivana Trump, mother of Ivanka Trump, teases America with the possibility that her daughter may run for President. Ivanka Trump, like her father Donald Trump, has never held public office. Yet still, here we are with the asinine suggestion of another Trump in the highest office of the land.

In her new book highlighting her 15-year marriage to Donald Trump, Ivana Trump mentioned that Ivanka may plan a presidential bid in maybe “fifteen years.”

In light of her potential presidential bid. Let’s highlight some of Ivanka’s achievements throughout her career.

1. In June, The Guardian reported on the poor working conditions endured by laborers in Indonesia employed by a factory contracted to make clothes for Ivanka Trump’s label. Maybe this is another great opportunity for Kellyanne Conway to plug Ivanka’s line again.

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2. “Lock her up?” Ivanka Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, “used another nongovernment private email account for government business” as reported earlier this month by Newsweek. Ivanka may be facing the wrath of Republicans after demanding Hillary Clinton’s imprisonment for using a private email server. Yeah, I won’t hold my breath for that one either.

3. Ineffective and weak. Despite being an “advisor” to her father, there is no evidence that Ivanka has provided a “more liberal or moderate perspective to the White House.” In August, Ivanka backed her father’s plan to do away with Obama’s gender pay gap policy. She stated, “Ultimately, while I believe the intention was good and agree that pay transparency is important, the proposed policy would not yield the intended results.”

One may say that the apple may not fall far from the tree. Ivana maybe teasing the question of whether Ivanka is laying the foundation of a presidential bid in the future. To which America answers “Is it Halloween yet?”

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