Alex Jones Releases Secret Recordings Of Phone Conversations With Megyn Kelly (VIDEO)

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Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is very upset with Megyn Kelly. He feels as though she double-crossed him after his interview for her new nightly show.  He said this week that the interview was “all crap.” He decided to release recordings of their pre-interview discussions. Leave it to someone like Jones to be a complete retaliative asswipe.

Jones, who denies the Sandy Hook tragedy and thinks our government set up the events on 9-11, released a 30-minute video on Infowars:

I knew [the interview] was all crap. Megyn Kelly is a puppet. She is a beautiful woman who the corporate structure uses to push their agenda. [My recording] shows the anatomy of an NBC, CIA, globalist, George Soros-financed hit job.

NBC has fired back saying that they would still air the interview this Sunday night regardless of his attempts to discredit it. They have stated:

[We are] committed to giving viewers context and insight into a controversial and polarizing figure, how he relates to the president of the United States and influences others, and to getting this serious story right.

I am looking forward to this interview. I hope she rips him to shreds and doesn’t give him an actual platform to air his crazy ramblings. Even though I don’t fully trust her, he is just a disgusting individual.

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