Alabama Republicans Lost Their Minds And Voted To Give A Megachurch Its Own Police Force

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The Alabama Senate just voted to allow the Briarwood Presbyterian megachurch in suburban Birmingham to have its very own police force. The bill passed 24 to 4. Seriously, what is in the water in Alabama? Their governor just resigned for inappropriate usage of resources to cover up an affair and now some church gets its own police force?

While the church will not have its own jail or anything to that nature, they will pay their own private police officers who are restricted to its ‘campuses’. Their police force will be able to respond to emergency situations. The 4,100-member church is pushing for its own police force because it is about ten miles south of downtown Birmingham and is home to a K-12 school and a theological seminary with 2,000 students and teachers.

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ACLU’s Executive Director, Randall Marshall, stated in a memo to legislation,

Vesting state police powers in a church police force violated the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment. These bills unnecessarily carve out special programs for religious organizations and inextricably intertwine state authority and power with church operations.

This church wants armed congregants for security, and having their own police force will provide them with legal protections if they shoot anybody. What could possibly go wrong with that scenario? Just the thought of a church’s own police force pisses me off. We saw how well it went when the Duggars took their pervert son to church after they found out he was touching his little sisters. There was no justice. He got away with it because their church covered it up – boys will be boys, dontcha know?

The megachurch already has the protection of two county sheriff offices because it straddles county lines, but it’s just not enough for them. They had the backing of Senate Majority Leader J.T. “Jabo” Waggoner who has been serving in the Senate for nearly an eternity. Why won’t these huge churches stay out of politics? Every time their leaders get involved, they go against the Johnson Amendment. Instead of giving megachurches their own police forces, America should hand out fines to every church that ignores the Constitution.

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