Alabama (Of Course) Movie Theater Boycotts Beauty And The Beast For Their Sky Daddy

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In Henager, AL, a local drive-in took to their Facebook page to announce that they would not be showing the new live-action Beauty and the Beast. They claimed religious reasons. This new take on an old classic reportedly has a kiss between two men. Gasp!

A local station got a screen grab of the post before the whole page went down:

“We are first and foremost Christians. We will not compromise on what the Bible teaches. ” Da’fuq?

This is their business, their drive-in. They can choose what to show, no one is denying that. However, we want to know just where in the Bible it states that two men cannot kiss. We know, we know: Leviticus. Uh, that’s the OLD testament. Where in the New Testament, you know – the teachings of Christ, does it state that homosexuality is a sin? We could not locate that information.

Bigots usually hide behind outdated books and/or a face covering of some sort.

Even if the owners dropped the religious spiel and just admitted that they are against homosexuality on a personal level, why are they so worried that their grandchildren are going to see men kiss? It is not as though homosexuality is contagious. If your spawn is so easily swayed despite their indoctrination  religious upbringing, you just have gay babies!

Homosexuals exist. It’s fact. Children see adults kissing. Why shouldn’t they see people of the same sex showing affection? Could it be that they might gain some insight that this is normal behavior for MANY people? God forbid.

The drive-in took down their Facebook page due to outrage, and despite their supporters. It is frightening how many people really do think it’s OK to dismiss humans based on physical attractions. In fact, #boycottDisney was trending on Twitter not long ago.

If only as much energy was expelled in loving others as there is in hating others, this world might be a little better off. Unfortunately, bigots are not known for their big hearts.

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