A U.S. Attorney Refused To Resign In The Purge So Was Fired And The Backstory Is Fascinating

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On Friday, Trumpolini suddenly requested that all 46 U.S. Attorneys resign. Some of these attorneys found out about the request at the press release, with no prior notification. Others said they were told that they would be released, but that they had a month or more before that happened.

This is not the first time all U.S. Attorneys have been suddenly let go. In 1993, Janet Reno asked for the resignation of all 93 (47 have already stepped down since Trump took office).  However, it did not go unnoticed that the current attorneys did not hear the customary “thank you for your service” sentiment at the press release.

This is the Trump administration – people are just not respected unless they are bowing down to the Orange One.

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U.S. Attorney for Manhattan, Preet Bharara, indicated he would not submit a letter of resignation as requested. Bharara felt completely blindsided by the request, as Trump told him in November that he would stay on after the inauguration.

He made the Liar-In-Chief fire his ass!

Bravo, sir! We respect your dedication and willingness to tell everyone how this really went.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement that Bharara would be “sorely missed” for his commitment to rooting out wrongdoing. It has been speculated that there was definite ulterior motives behind this particular firing.

Bharara’s departure may mean some of the most difficult Justice Department investigations are interrupted. One of these includes inquiries into Deutsche Bank’s handling of “mirror trades” that helped Russian clients convert rubles into Western currency.

Hmmm. Are any of us surprised that Russians came up in all of this?

There are other speculations, as well.

It does appear that there could be some truth to this. Fox News is under investigation by federal prosecutors – including Bharara –  to determine whether it broke securities law in making payments in the sexual harassment scandal that cost former Fox News chairman Roger Ailes his job.

Preet Bharara really should not be surprised – Trump will do anything to keep his media darling out of the spotlight. He has declared every other network FAKE. Let’s see how he handles this – it could go a number of ways, but we have a feeling Trump doesn’t give two shits about any sexual harassment claims.

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