Talibaptist Pastor Boycotting Target’s Pro-Transgender Policy But Still Employs A Known Pedophile (VIDEO)

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The infamous pastor of the Global Vision Church, known as Greg Locke, is totally pissed off because Target is actually following non discrimination laws in Tennessee. This, of course, means WAR! Target is to be boycotted because they will allow transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their sexual identity.

Apparently bigotry and intolerance gives jackasses like him the absolute right to disregard the laws of the land in favor of their bastardized interpretations of that Bible. You know, the book they use as the “ultimate weapon” to force people to live and breathe by the rabid Talibaptist demands that they do or else.

Patheos reported:

Following the example set by YouTube pastors who exploit controversial headlines to make a name for themselves by angering their flocks, the pastor’s video comes on the heels  of the Tennessee legislature’s failure to pass an anti-transgender bathroom bill that would require people to use the restroom of their gender at birth (regardless of whether they had already undergone full gender reassignment surgeries and lived successfully as their identified gender for decades). As of this writing, the video rant has been shared over 150,000 times, with almost 400,000 individuals signing a AFA pledge to boycott Target stores. Over what?  Which type of genitals are connected to the waste factories in the stall next to them.

Side Note: Pastor Locke also become famous in certain Christian circles for encouraging students to “take an F” in history class in order to avoid “brainwashing” as part of the “Islamic invasion” into our schools.

What is totally ironic is the fact that this waste of oxygen constantly screams about sexual perversion, yet he hired a pervert who had been arrested on child rape charges to be a youth pastor! But he is worried about transgender “predators” preying on small children instead of all the youth pastors charged with such offenses… So much for their vaunted background checks!

These people are acting exactly like those of other religions that they harshly condemn. Hypocritically, they condemn other religions for the exact same things they do themselves. Just to piss them off even further, I always ask them to state what the difference is between them and Islamic extremists. This leads to the inevitable instant outrage that someone would DARE to compare them to those nasty Muslims. I guess they just don’t like having a mirror held up in front of them.

Check out his righteous indignation for yourself:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UOjHLuoifVw&w=560&h=315]

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