Robert Reich Delivers A Dire Warning About Donald Trump’s State Of Mind

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Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich lays out three possible causes for Trump’s insane accusation that Obama wiretapped Trump Tower.

First, Trump is actually insane. If he got his “information” from Breitbart like many suspect, that’s bad. Really bad:

If this was the case, we’ve got a president willing to put the prestige and power of his office behind baseless claims emanating from well-known right-wing purveyors of lies.

Second, Obama really did have Trump wiretapped because he’s been committing treason by working with the Russians.

Third, Trump knows he’s trapped and looking to divert attention away from his mounting scandals. This one might actually be the worst because it shows that “Trump is willing to do anything to keep his job – even if that means further dividing America, undermining trust in our governing institutions, and destroying the fabric of our democracy.”

I personally find the last one to be the most likely because Trump is exactly the kind of sociopath that would set the world on fire before giving up his power. Worse, he’s surrounded by monsters like Bannon and Miller that would happily pour more gasoline on the flames to burn it all down even faster. These are not people with the best interests of the nation at heart. Trump is a petty tyrant being used to advance a white nationalist agenda that requires chaos and massive civil unrest to succeed.

Unfortunately, as of right now, the only people that can legally put a stop to Trump are the Republicans. But they’re so desperate to push through massive tax cuts for the rich and complete their theft of the Supreme Court that they’re blocking the fire exits and inhaling the smoke with a forced smile on their face.

Robert Reich is right; we’re in a lot of trouble.


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