Let’s All Watch Trump’s Top FBI Pick Mock Him During 1999 Comedy Show (VIDEO)

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Back in 1999, Joe Lieberman (I-CT) entered a comedy contest. At the Funniest Celebrity in DC contest, Lieberman did a set poking fun at Donald Trump who was at the time trying to get nominated as the now defunct Reform Party’s presidential nominee. Trump and Pat Buchanan were running against one another for the nomination. How it wasn’t a tie between those two awful men is beyond me. A video has resurfaced showing Lieberman’s set.

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Part of his set was about who Trump would appoint in his cabinet since he’s a “ladies man” (hold on a second, I need to vomit). He goes on to give examples:

Secretary of Energy Carmen Electra, Secretary of Defense Xena the Warrior Princess, Secretary of Housing Leona Helmsley, Secretary of Education Vanna White, Attorney General Judge Judy.

Some of those references are dated, but you get the gist. We have no idea if Lieberman won the contest (for some reason, I’m thinking not), but he is currently in a different sort of contest. He is one of Trump’s top picks for FBI director. However, the reemergence of this video may be a disadvantage for Joe. We all know how well he responded to Obama roasting him.

WATCH (We apologize for the quality):


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