This 1994 Poster Of Donald Trump Will Make You Beg For Eye Bleach (IMAGE)

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It’s no secret that Donald Trump loves himself very, very much. The loudmouthed (illegitimate) president was elected eight months ago, but he is still holding rallies so that he can listen to his “poorly educated” adoring fans cheer for him. He’s talked about his election win almost every time he opens the hole in his face. He’s printed 2016 electoral maps and handed them out to reporters who have interviewed him. He had fake TIME magazine covers of himself hanging up in his golf resorts–the list goes on and on.

This isn’t a new thing for Donald Trump, he has always been a narcissist and nothing makes that more apparent than a poster that was hanging in one of his resorts in 1994:

Yes, this is a real poster and yes, that’s Trump and Marla Maples depicted as Tarzan and Jane.

According to a listing for the poster on, it was originally used a promotional poster for Trump’s birthday bash at the Castle Resort Casino. A time and date for the party is written on the “artwork” inviting patrons to the party:

Embark on a Birthday Adventure Of The Wildest Kind….Starring Donald J. Trump…Discover a Lion’s Share of Dinner, Dancing and Untamed Excitement…Saturday July 23, 1994..8 P.M. Crystal Ballroom

“Untamed excitement” haha.

This is the president of the United States, y’all. That guy, right there, in the loincloth. I don’t even know what else to say except….

I can’t believe my eyes!

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