10 Reasons Why Elizabeth Warren Is A Bada$$ And Donald Trump Jr. Is As Useless As His Daddy

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Donald Trump, Jr. is as much of a douche nozzle as his daddy. The only evidence you need is that he’s the Orange One’s son. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and never had to work too hard for anything in his life.

And this a$$hole is going to go after Elizabeth Warren on Twitter. She tweeted about the failure of Trumpcare (AHCA) and he responded.

Listen, little Donny, I will stomp you into the ground with facts about why Elizabeth Warren is f*cking awesome:

1. She waited tables at 13 to help her family with her father’s medical bills.

2. She graduated high school at age 16.

3. She went to George Washington University on a full debate scholarship.

4. She earned her JD at Rutgers University with two small children.

5. She has taught law at the University of Houston, the University of Texas, the University of Michigan, the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard.

That woman has worked for everything, you sorry lackey.

Hard work is something junior knows very little about.

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Now, let’s review some of Donald Trump, Jr.’s accomplishments just to be fair:

1. He spent his summers as a child in Czechoslovakia with his maternal grandparents because his parents were too busy for him.

2. He attended Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and earned his finance degree.

3. After graduation, he spent his time camping, skiing and bartending until he tired of that lifestyle.

4. He was appointed as an adviser on The Apprentice and the executive vice president of the Trump Organization where he “oversees.”

5. He joined his father on the campaign trail and even said a few speeches.

So, junior, before you try to do some trash throwing, you had better be sure of where the trash already lies. Elizabeth Warren may have earned more money than some of her constituents will ever see, but she WORKED for it, honey. The hardest you have ever had to work is making sure your hair is just as terrible as your father’s – that really is a feat.

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    • I assume you’re talking to me, as I am the only Andrew who writes for LWN. This isn’t my piece, but I will absolutely defend Liz Warren — her calculation during the primaries notwithstanding. She fights for causes I believe in, and there is no ethical consumption in an existing capitalist system. I wear leather boots. I don’t hate money. If I had a net worth of between 5 and 10 million dollars, I would still be a liberal socialist. I’d be an even more effective one, in fact.

  1. Another reason to hate Donnie – I have a picture of his holding a dead elephant’s tail. He just shot the elephant!

    • Rita’s much prettier than me. Regardless, whoever you are, you seem to have at least enough esteem for me to apologize for your error — despite the fact that I agree with Rita and backed her up in support for Warren. I can’t help but suspect perhaps you have an issue with women? You don’t like EW, you don’t like Rita, but I get a pass for the same opinions?


  2. Andrew, I have no issues with women. I have a problem with liberals and socialists like you who think that the government should be involved in everyone’s lives and can solve everyone’s problems. And by the way, this nation is NOT left wing as your web site states. Possibly a bit left of center but will never be left wing.

    • “…who think that the government should be involved in everyone’s lives and can solve everyone’s problems.”

      This is the major problem with the parties ever coming together — oversimplification. Righties think that lefties want government micromanagement of every detail of their lives and a ban on religion and country music, and lefties think that righties are all gun-fellating racist hicks who soup up their penis-compensating pickups with smokestacks just to piss off Prius drivers.

      It’s not as simple as all that, Dave.

      Do I want the government involved in health care? Absolutely. Regulations would force companies that charge 10 times as much for a device or pill in the US as they do in Spain just because they can to bring those American costs down. People would stop going generationally bankrupt just because they get, for example, diabetes — a disease that affects one in ten people in this country. There are plenty more examples of areas of our lives where the government is beneficial.

      It’s hard to say, in fact, which “side” likes government involvement more. Should a woman’s uterus be regulated by the government? Should the government be involved in marriage? Or should the government *provide services* that we pay for with our taxes?

      We could argue about whether or not America is a Left Wing Nation, but I don’t need to. I see polls that indicate majorities of Americans who value bodily autonomy, who think that gay people should have all the same rights as everyone else, who recycle, who favor common-sense regulation of firearms, who think fewer people should be in prison for nonviolent crimes… I mean, “left of center” doesn’t really cover it. Even the YUGE win by Donald Trump in November accounted for only a quarter of the population. If voting in America were mandated, a la Australia, Belgium, or Peru, there would never be a Republican majority in Congress again, let alone a Republican president.

      Anyway, Dave, have a pleasant evening. Unless you voted for Trump. Then I hope you choke on your own smokestack, you gun-fellating racist hick.

  3. Andrew, you were starting to make sense in your response as I also favor single payer health care and the fact that the government should not be involved in marriage and a women’s uterus. But then you turned into a typical flaming liberal with the insults if I voted for trump. You should know that as a registered democrat that voted for bill Clinton I did vote for Trump. And I don’t own a gun or a pick up truck and am not a racist. Try expanding your generalizations outside of the standard liberal talking points. And Andrew, enjoy Donald trump for possibly the next 8 years.

    • Dave, if you’re a registered Democrat who voted for Trump, you’re wasting your time arguing here with me. You need to get yourself to a shrink about that cognitive dissonance, STAT.

      You seem like a dude who thinks, rather than a dude who might vote for Trump out of fear, which means that either you agree with the terrible things he said and promised to do, or you set them all aside because you inexplicably hated your former choice’s wife so much. Chalk me up as another “typical” lefty, but that makes you stupid in the history books. Jesus, dude. If you’d said you voted for Gary Johnson or even Jill Stein, you might have some credence. But to actively support possibly the third-worst American of all time for the presidency? In the immortal words of DJ Khaled:

      Congratulations, you played yourself.

  4. Andrew, I know that you have Trump dead and buried as a successful president because you detest every position that he takes. But it is still to be determined how bad he will be. I will get back yo you in a couple of years to compare notes.

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